Music and technology put together can create some amazing stuff for learning! Last November, Buffet Group announces the world premiere of a free app for Apple and Android smartphones & tablets available all over the world. Urban Play is the first app dedicated to all musicians who wish to learn to play a wind instrument in modern music styles, including funk, hip hop, street jazz, etc. Each musician can choose from 12 wind instruments and 4 difficulty levels.


PROS – Design of app is very well thought of. Very suitable for band students to learn new music. Tuning function is available and in octaves. Includes metronome to assist learning. Sheet music is available free for all at various level of difficulties. You can form your own ensemble with the parts provided.

CONS – It is available only for pop, funk, rock music, etc. Classical learners may not be keen with this app.

Editor Ratings: 4/5

So, who says learning music can’t be fun? It’s time to groove, baby!

(Source: The Buffet Group)


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