Audition has opened for the WASBE Youth Wind Orchestra happening from 12 – 18 July in San Jose, California. Selected 50 finest young musicians from all over the world will come together for a week of rehearsals for the WASBE Closing performance at the California Theatre under the direction of Maestro José Rafael Pascual Vilaplana from Spain.

Glenn Price says: “As Artistic Director for the WYWO since 2003, I can tell you what a large impact it has made on countless young musicians, who have made life-long friendships and had often transformational musical experiences as members of this group.”

Except for the air ticket and USD200 registration fees upon acceptance, your housing at San Jose State University and meals will be taken care of by the organiser. Closing date is 30 January 2015!

Don’t miss this opportunity, wannabe musicians… this is your gateway to the world of international learning. Click here for the online application form now!


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